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Welcome to Orbetron, Our technology offers manufactures an array of feeding, blending, material handling and conveying equipment. Our designs are driven towards saving you money, and improving your process needs.

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Our low rate bulk material feeders are designed to feed materials ranging from powder to granulate, to pellets.

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Pharmaceutical Processing

More Questions and Answers 

Q: How do you microdose APIs and excipients?

A: Roger Hultquist, Orbetron, says:

For the production of tablets and capsules, interest has been growing in how to feed individual or pre-blended ingredients at low rates, i.e., microdosing. If you're considering feeding at low rates, you must understand the challenge of designing the feeding equipment and how different features can affect the process. The lower your feed rate, the more challenging it is to produce drug products in a repeatable and consistent manner.

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Plastics Injection Molding & Extrusion

Orbetron's continued technology enhancements has created another first! With our 50 and 100 Series feeders we have the capability of feeding 1, 2, 3, or 4 pellets at a time. This has been driven by our customers in the plastics Injection Molding and Extrusion markets.

Orbetron was featured in the July 2017 Plastics Technology magazine talking about how to feed low rates. Orbetron has been the front runner in producing new products and technology to feed from 1 gram/hour up to 200 grams/hour. Click on the Plastics Technology icon or visit our news section to read the complete article.

Review our video under Disc Feeders 50 Series showing 2 pellets being fed in Batch Mode

Orbetron has developed a family of Low Rate Disc feeders that allows manufactures to feed 1 gram/hour up to 800 lbs/hour. With our new software and hardware designs we can feed a single pellet of material per request. As a standard all of our low rate feeders for under 100 lbs/hr have a quick change feature that allows a manufacture to change materials in some cases less then 15 seconds.

 Our new Conveying equipment incorporates our (MCT) Mechanical Cleaning Technology. This technology ensures when conveying powder material that no dust is present during the conveying cycle and filter cleaning cycle (blowback).

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In addition to bulk material feeders, we offer liquid feeding solutions, and material handling solutions. This compliments Orbetron's offering to processors that blend both solids and liquids together for a complete solutions offering.

Our small feeder design allows our equipment to fit into areas that standard single and twin screw feeders are not designed for. Our quick change feature offer processors the ability to change product on the fly.


Orbetron has the ability to engineer a feeding system to fit your needs. Our 3D printing technology allow us to design and develop 3D model feeders based upon your requirements. 


Let us know what your application is, and we will help you achieve your processing goals