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Orbetron, LLC

Applications Using Disc Feeder Technology


Orbetron offers many different solutions to many different industries. Listed below are just a few examples of our capability.

Orbetron offers the unique opportunity to integrate our standard disc feeders into 3 party blending or feeding systems. As your requirements change based upon the amount of material you want to feed we can help design a solution for you.

Don't be limited by the other manufactures feeding technology!

1. Plastic injection Molding 

Feed 2 pellets into a 40 ton Injection Molding Machine with a 5 second recovery time

2. Plastic Extrusion

Feed 15 grams/hour of plastic pellets into a 3/4" extruder.

3. Pharmaceutical powder

Feed 5 powder ingredients into a specialized process. Rate ranges from 1 gram -10 grams

4. Pharmaceutical Powder

Feed & Mix 5 ingredients into a specialized process 

5. Engineered Process Medical

Feed 4 grams of powder into container to combine with a liquid solution  

6. Food

Filling of packages

7. Plastic Compounding

Feeding of powders/pellets at low rates with 20 mm extruder


Don't let your process limit your ability to find the right path in choosing your feeding or blending systems. Let Orbetron help, guide the way!



4 Gram Batch of Powder for Medical Application

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