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Orbetron, LLC

AS60 Single Screw Feeder

Orbetron feeders have been designed to grant a wide range of flexibility for the different bulk solid materials and throughput range. The universal single screw feeder AS60 is suitable for feeding granules, pellets, free and non free flowing powders, regrind materials, flakes and fibers. The feeder is designed with a multiple wing agitator ensuring full agitation of the entire ingredient compartment. The multiple wing agitator eliminates bridging and inducing free material flow and an optimum screw filling level for consistent linear mass flow.

On all mechanical connections for the material inlet and outlet of the feeder it is possible to mount different accessories to reach the highest performance and precise accuracy in the desired application. The feeder can be used in a single stand-alone application or it can be integrated in a multiple feeding system.


Single feeder feeding PVC Powder into a twin screw extruder, replacing standard volumetric starve feeder.