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Who is Orbetron?
Orbetron, was established in 2011 to fill a niche in the low rate bulk material feeding market. Our consistent drive to produce a product that will feed low rates has allowed us to design feeders that you can hold in your hand! 


Since our founding our product line has expanded to include single/twin screw hard wall feeders, single/twin screw flexible wall feeders, material handling, & conveying equipment.
Our OSBV & OSBG systems are designed to incorporate all feeders onto a central stand that can hold up to 12 feeders to give our customers the ultimate in blending capabilities.

Orbetron strives to use the latest in technology to ensure a consistent and repeatable feed of dry bulk solid materials.

Orbetron also offers a newly designed conveying loader with our (MCT) Mechanical Cleaning Technology for transportation of material into our small feeders.The (MCT) Technology eliminates the use of pressurized air blow black to clean the filter during the vacuum conveying process, thus eliminating the dust that is generated during blow back cleaning.

Orbetron's new Disc feeding technology allows us to count in very small increments the volume per revolution of material! This Disc feeding technology offers a unique difference to standard vibratory and common single and twin screw feeders. Disc feeding allows customers to feed 1 pellet or granulate of product to achieve the low rates you desire.    

To ensure a full feature of products Orbetron offers liquid pump systems that completes a full featured process solution to your application.   

Orbetron, is a customer focused company, instead of just offering an off the shelf solution, we work with you to design, engineer, & manufacture a feeding system for your application. Our unique design allows for variations in concept, to fit most process requirements. 

Our Objective
Offer a competitive product that is engineered to feed bulk materials with desired consistency and reliability.

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Special Feeding Designs
Electrical Design & Controls
Assembly & Testing
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Service & Installation       

Orbetron Engineering

Orbetron not only designs and manufactures their own low rate additive feeders, but our customers request the adaptation of the our feeders into other equipment.

This can consist of:

Integrating into third party blending equipment.

Liquid pumps for creating slurry mixes

Feeding grams of material into batching operations.

Filling of ingredients into a process line for packaging

These are just a few of the process we have been involved with. We are driven by our customers to even find newer ways to feed lesser amounts of material into processes.

Bring us you application and let Orbetron help you resolve your feeding requirements.


Orbetron offers service and parts on all Orbetron produced equipment, but in addition we offer service and parts on all older Colortronic based equipment (K10S, C200, Covis, C2) sold by or through the following companies

Colortronic Inc., Colortonic NA, Motan, AEC, Krauss Maffei, Coperion, Berstoff, Normag, 

Orbetron Aftermarket Capabilities!


Orbetron, offers complete controller and feeder upgrades to all older Colortronic blending and feeding products. Certain parts on Colotronic equipment has become obsolete or are no longer produced, Orbetron in cooperation with CT Systems in Europe can offer the latest upgrades to all feeding and blending products.

Orbetron’s O2 control upgrades are a plug and play designed system. There is no load cell reconfiguration or replacement necessary. All software and hardware has been upgraded to the latest electronic technology. The New touch screen display incorporates the same icons as you are currently accustomed to, less the keypad. Both you and your operators will not require any additional training to operate the equipment.

New feeder designs are available through Orbetron, which has replaced the older Colortronic feeder designs. Replacement feeders are also designed to mount and operate as the older feeders.

Orbetron can offer upgrades to 3rd party Loss-in-Weight or Gain-in Weight systems. To date we have upgraded Ktron, Inoex, AEC, and Conair blending systems. Please contact Orbetron sales by pressing above the questions icon or go to our contact page.


Orbetron offers complete rebuilds on all current and older feeder gearboxes of Colortronic design. We can review 3rd party equipment on request.

Our rebuild department also takes in used equipment as trades or as a purchase. Once refurbished, the equipment is listed under our used equipment area listed in our web site. Please review our web site periodically to review the used equipment we have available.