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Orbetron, LLC

Orbetron LLC would like to thank you for considering our equipment. Please fill out the requested information to receive additional information on our equipment. One of our sales representatives will be in contact with you to discuss your application

If you have an interest in representing the Orbetron product line please don't hesitate to contact our sales team

Orbetron Sales Team  

Contact Information

Orbetron LLC                                       Orbetron South
45 Industial Rd, Suite 208                  1415 Cross Beam Dr, SteB
Cumberland, RI 02864                        Charlotte, NC 28217
Phone 856.472.0268                           Phone 651.983.2872
Fax 715.254.9490                                Fax 715.254.9490 



North East Representatives


Process Innovations

57 Christine Dr

Dartmouth, MA 02747

ME, NH, RI, E. MA, 

Brian Leavitt

Ph 508.423.2266

Fax 508.300.0477

Ken Stacy]

Ph 413.478.3697


The Carl Anderson Agency

PO Box 133

New Oxford, PA 17350

Carl Anderson

Ph 610.417.1483


Orbetron is looking for Representatives throughtout the US and Canada, please give us a  call if you want to be part of the team with the

Most Versatile Feeding Equipment in the Industry