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 Dosing and Blending Overview

Thanks to the use of digital control technology, the OSB Series continuous loss- in-weight dosing and mixing system ensures that the production process achieves high levels of quality in terms of dosing constancy and accuracy. Even when dosing very low material rates.

Orbetron offers our customers the OSBV & OSBG multi-component volumetric and gravimetric feeding & blending systems. These systems can handle 1 to 12 feeders with our single O2 & O2S controllers, using digital load cell technology. 

These systems can show a significant reduction in production costs, and material usage. 


Orbetron builds our OSB systems from the ground up.

It all starts with the material evaluation, this typically involves testing of the material at our facility.

A. Once we receive the material we will evaluate its characteristics. 

B. We then review the rate at which the material needs to fill and the mounting configuration. 

C. We then choose the feeder and all of its components for each material as show in the selection below.

D. Once all of the components are chosen we then design the refill to match all of the feeders.

 E. Once installed we have a complete system for your process.          



Dosing & Blending Brochure

Orbetron Dosing and Blending Overview