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Orbetron's 50 & 100 series feeders are our smallest feeders to date. The design offers a 50 mm (2") and 100 mm (4") in diameter feeding disc. The base feeder design for the 50 Series is the size of a coffee mug that you can hold in your hand! This unique disc design allows our feeder to be positioned into small areas, where standard auger and vibratory feeders will not work. Our 50 series feeder is designed to handle from 1 g/hr - 100 g/hr (0.002 - 0.22 lb/hr, our 100 Series feeder can handle rates from 5 g/hr to 45 kg/hr (0.01 - 100 lb/hr). This rate can vary based upon the density, flow ability, and size of material. Standard disc sizes include 24, 12, 6 holes per revolution. Special disc sizes are designed based upon your feeding needs.

Our smallest disc to date has a hole depth of 0.5mm and a hole size that holds 0.1mg of material by volume.

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At Orbetron we are always challenging ourselves to see how low we can go.

We offer extended material hoppers based upon storage needs, these are also designed to meet you requirements. Like all of our feeders we design our feed housings to be quick exchange capable.

We use stepper motor technology with our software algorithm to ensure precise measurement by volume. This is all tied into our OC50 Series touch screen controllers.
OC50 - Single Volumetric controller for Batch and Continuous processes
OC50G - Single Gravimetric controller for Batch and Continuous processes
OC50 Plus - Multi-component Volumetric or Gravimetric controller 

Orbetron integrates an AC or DC motor to our 100 Series feeder for those customers that require this type of control technology. 
Our standard DC motors have a gear ratio of the following;
6:1, 36:1 93:1 150:1 308:1 to give Orbetron the ability to feed the low rates necessary for your processing requirements.
Incorporating our 3D printing technology we can design and produce different disc designs based upon your rates, and material type. This allows Orbetron to design a feeder for your exact application.

This is the Orbetron difference!



Game Changing Technology!

Individual Pellet Feeding!



Game Changing Feeder Technology

Low Rate Feeding Technology


50 Series Disc Feeder

Feeding 2 pellets in batch mode

50 Series