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Orbetron, LLC

Orbetron's ODU mixing and refill assembly units, are used in our OSB gravimetric systems and ODB disc batching systems.

When feeding poor flowing materials we use the mixer as a bridge breaker on the refill to promote flow when our weighing module request material. The integrated valve can be either a standard slide valve or butterfly valve.

When integrated into our ODB batch system we incorporate the mixing unit for homogenized mixing of material.

There are 2 standard sizes they are ODU 253 and ODU 400. Both units are dust tight and connections are made by seals and clamps. Removal of agitator is designed for easy cleaning.


Orbetron's OMH hoppers, ensure the free flowing of material from a loader or central receiver into your processing machine. Materials range from pellets, powders, granulate and flake.

OMH hoppers are dust tight and can be easly broken down with our quick clamp and seal design. The top lid design allows the loader or receiver to stay in place while it is lifted up for cleaning. Orbetron's OPL loaders and receivers are designed for easy installation on the top plate.

3rd party loaders and receiver can be mounted as necessary. 

The component design allows customers to determine the volume necessary for there application.

The OMH hoppers come in 3 basic sizes 1 cuft, 0.8 cuft, 0.2 cuft, other sizes are available upon request.





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