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The Orbetron dosing control system O2 and O2S is a computerized closed-loop control for the gravimetric dosing and blending unit. A maximum of 1 feeder can be used with the O2S and 12 dosing units can be controlled with up to 3 lines with the O2. 

Data entry can be made during production by means of a 15’’ TFT-LED touch screen on a graphical user interface. Operation is menu-driven and can be password protected.

The control offers graphical and numerical display of the operation parameters of the entire installation.

In the event journal, all changes in the settings and all alarm messages are time stamped.

Orbetron dosing control systems are completely maintenance-free and designed for 7 day, 24-hour operation.

Orbetron dosing control systems meet the European CE and UL listed requirements.

Orbetron has an exclusive distribution agreement with CT Systems Italy to sell, service, and engineer their equipment for the North American market.





O2 Series Feeder Control Brochure




O2S Series Controller Brochure