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OBB & OBB-R Orbetron Batch Blender

Orbetron’s New OBB Series batch blender is the next evolution of products to use the Orbetron disc feeding technology.

What does Orbetron do? We can supply processors with disc based feeding technology that will feed a very precise amount of material into a weigh hopper. This will offer customers unprecedented accuracy in dosing of material while allowing mixing of the ingredients as required. This same design technology can be utilized for continuous processing applications.

Orbetron's OBB Mini and OBB Micro Series batch blenders are supplied with all Disc feeder dosing technology in place of a standard valve or auger concept. These blenders have a varity of uses wich are designed for lower rate blending applications.

Applications Include - Small molding machines, Low rate extrusion applications, Powder ingredient blends, Spice blends, Small animal feed blends, Offline batching and mix systems, and Integration into packaging systems.


Hemispherical Hopper with Horizontal Agitator SS Contact Surfaces

Compact Design for easy installations

Easy Cleaning with quick clamps

Powder, Pellet or Granulate feeding ability

Easy conversion from Mini to Micro, both use same design structure


  • Minimal air usage
  • Quick material change over
  • Powder feed & blend capability
  • High dosing accuracy
  • Easy conversion from mini to micro series
  • Clean room adaptation

Integration of Orbetron's 200, 150, 100, 50 Series feeders

Orbetron’s New OBB-R Series batch blender retrofit is the next evolution of improving current plastics based batch blending systems. This retrofit package uses the Orbetron disc feeding technology to give processors a greater accuracy of dosing technology.

For general retrofits we recommend the high percentage materials use the standard valve configuration and all minor components use the disc feeder for an improved accuracy of dosing materials.


  • Compact design dosing feeder
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Quick material change overs
  • High temp operation
  • Go from air activation to motor activation (multiple RPM’s available)
  • Dust tight dosing feeders
  • Feeding capability in grams
  • Reduce cost by converting a 4 station blender into 6 component with electrical upgrade
  • Loader integration
  • Use existing controls or upgrade your controls
    Example of a 4 component pellet blender convertred to a 6 componet for a plastic extrusion line. Allowed easy change over of color component, without removing the standard large storage bin. Integrated into current control structure with minor adaptation.