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Orbetron, LLC

Brief Description

Our OPL series pneumatic conveying units are designed to convey low rates of material ranging from granulate to powders. All conveying units are very versatile, and offer Orbetron’s Mechanical Cleaning Technology  (MCT) for all sizes of our loaders & receivers. This eliminates any type of air purging or blowback that most conveying units incorporate. (MCT) eliminates all dust in the area of the conveying units, to ensure a clean processing environment.

The base conveying units are design to be easily cleaned and incorporate a quick disconnect for easy change overs. There are 4 basic models which are designed to fit on all standard Disc Series Feeders, and other types of feeders in the market.

All of Orbetron’s OPL series conveying units, are designed to handle bulk materials in the standard self-contained loader configuration, or in a central conveying arrangement. Note: All rate calculations can vary based upon the density, flow-ability, size of material, and distance.

This is the Orbetron difference!


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