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CT System’s AS130, AT70 gravimetric feeder is ideally suited for dosing powders, pellets, granulates, regrinds, fibers, and fakes in continuous and batching processes. The compact modular design gives the operator the flexibility to meet changing process requirements.

Volumetric feed rates range (AS130) 200 - 2600 l/h (AT70) 80 - 8200 l/h. The horizontal agitator constantly keeps material in motion, thus eliminating bridging and maintaining consistent screw fill. All material contact surfaces are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

CT System’s gravimetric/volumetric controller offers the operator full access to all feeder parameters through an icon driven control interface


  •  Volumetric continuous or batch
  • Gravimetric loss-in-weight continuous
  • Gravimetric loss-in-weight batch
  • Gravimetric gain-in-weight




OS130/OT70 Series Feeders Brochure