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September 2018

Orbetron attended the Extrusion 2018 Conference and presented a paper titled "Applying Low Rate Disc Feeding Technology to Batch and Continuous Blending Technologies"

This presentation reviewed, what points to consider and types of material that can be fed at rates lower then 200 grams/hour. It reviewed how to install and how to feed materials in a continuous loss-in-weight systems. It also reviewed how to apply low rate disc feeders to new and existing batch blenders used in the market today.

To learn more about how Orbetron can help you improve your process and adapt to current blending equipment click here

Extrusion Conference 2018


May 2018

I wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who had an opportunity to stop by the Mahr & Orbetron booth at NPE 2018 in Orlando FL. Our partnership extends beyond just offering auxiliary equipment upstream and downstream of the extrusion process. It offers processors the ability to come to one company to improve the total extrusion process to achieve the best accuracy and repeatability.

Please contact Orbetron at or Mahr at

March 2018

The Orbetron Difference!

Orbetron has formed a partnership with Mahr Metering Systems out of Charlotte NC. Orbetron will be displaying our bulk feeding equipment at the Mahr booth at the NPE 2018 show. Due to the continued growth, and demand by both companies customers, Orbetron and Mahr can utilized each others strengths to offer complete feeding solution for both liquid and bulk material feeding and mixing applications.

Orbetron and Mahr are proud to offer each others products through our distribution channels.

Stay tuned for more integrated technology and new product developements!

Orbetron introduced our new OBB batch blender, which is the continued evolution in disc feeding technology. Please click on the link below to see more of this technology

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With the introduction of our new OBB batch blender, Orbetron created our OBB-R retrofit system for those processors in the plastics industry. The OBB-R is a retrofit package to batch blenders on molding machines and extruders that need a higher accuracy of dosing technology. Please click on the link below to see more of this technology

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January 2018 Powder Bulk Engineering Ad




Orbetron Controller News

This update is for all current customers that have Graviblend based systems, that were purchased from Ktron/Colortronic, Colortronic GMBH, Colortronic NA, Colortronic/Motan, ACS (AEC), and through different OEM's such as Davis Standard, Normag, Krauss Maffei, and others.

Orbetron has been offering repair capabilities to these older controllers which have used the name CGB, Covis, C2, A2, and their associated built in display or touch screen display. Due to the obsolescence of the electronic boards used in this equipment, Orbetron can no longer offer repairs to these units! We will still currently offer to all customers (for a small fee) a review and checkout of the (C2 and A2) controllers to confirm if there is a problem with the unit.

If we find that there is a problem and we do not have the necessary means to repair the controller, Orbetron can offer an upgrade controller and display called the S2, which is a plug and play controller with updated hardware and software.

Orbetron has been proactive in supplying new systems and helping customers experience issues with the older equipment that they have purchased from the companies listed above. We will continue to help our customers in the best way possible.

Orbetron still offers parts for the older Graviblend system such as motors, drive cards, mother boards, mechanical parts, and etc.

In the near future we will be posting on our website parts available for the Graviblend systems.  

To get more details on our offering please contact us at



Orbetron, LLC announces new location

By Roger Hultquist

January 1/18/18

Cumberland, RI – Orbetron, LLC a WI based company announces a new location in Cumberland Rhode Island. This new location allows us to expand our dry bulk material lab testing capabilities, assembly of our feeding and blending equipment, and future capabilities to add additional engineering resources for our continued product developments. Furthermore, this facility helps up better serve our Eastern US and Canadian customers more affectively.  

With the additional square footage at our RI location we can now expand to improve our platform of products to include feeding/mixing of dry bulk materials, and liquids.

Our new location is located at 45 Industrial RD., Suite 208, Cumberland, RI 02864.

As Orbetron looks into the future, the New England region gives us the ability to hire the technical personnel we will need to expand our product offering. To ensure our continued growth, we are always reviewing new opportunities and partners to grow and expand with.

 About Orbetron, LLC

Orbetron, LLC was founded in 2011 by Roger Hultquist & Hank Gray. It has enjoyed 7 years as an independent company, and is poised to grow and expand into industries we already serve. Within the last couple of years we have been able to branch out and sell our products internationally, and will continue to build on that success through our RI facility.

Orbetron, LLC sales, engineers, services and manufactures feeding and blending equipment for the following industries, Plastics, Pharma, Food, Agriculture, Chemical, and Health & Beauty.

Our feeding products are the most versatile in the industry.

Orbetron can feed dry bulk materials from <1 gram/hour up to 922 cuft/hour.

Orbetron continues to partner with industry OEM’s to private label, and design feeding equipment for resale and specific applications.


To learn more about Orbetron, LLC please contact:

Roger Hultquist

45 Industrial Rd., Suite 208

Cumberland, RI 02864

Ph: (856) 472-0268

Fax: (715) 254-9490

December 2017



New software provides precise control of Orbetron feeders

Issue: December 2017

Series 50, 100 and 150 Named for the diameter of their feeding discs in millimeters, these Orbetron feeders are designed for dosing materials, such as additives and colors, at rates of 200 grams per hour or less. They rely on a particularly thin feed tube to ensure that materials that tend to clump or fall unevenly, such as cornstarch or talc, flow properly into the feed throat of an injection molding machine or extruder. Standard discs for the 50 and 100 feeders feature a choice of six, 12 or 24 holes, while the 150 also comes with the option of 48 holes. Both gravimetric and volumetric feeders are available.

What’s new? Addition of new software that allows the motor to better match the agitation movement with the flowability of the material in the feeders.

Benefits Precise control over the flow of minute-dose materials. The new software gives operators even more control over material agitation. Additionally, the feeders’ unique design makes them compact enough to fit into areas where standard auger and vibratory feeders would not work.


Orbetron attended and presented information on "Micro Feeding and Blending" in the Pipe/Profile/Tube Breakout session.

This presentation will introduce an expanded concept of micro feeding and blending for both the injection molding and extrusion processes. It will introduce synchronized blending at lower rates to overcome the standard batch mixing process inconsistences. This introduction will also use the same concept with an additional weigh hopper for continuous extrusion operations. The blending systems are designed for throughputs from 100 lbs/hr to 1 lb/hr. These systems are designed to fill a niche market where low rate feeding/blending is critical and a higher accuracy is required. 

Further information, you can contact Orbetron, please go to the contact page and fill in the information and a sales representative will be in contact with you.  


Orbetron was part of the Krauss Maffei 2017 Open House on the 5th of October.

Orbetron supplies blending and feeding equipment for the process of plastic materials into the Krauss Maffei extruders. Orbetron offers a wide array of feeding options that allows Krauss Maffei customers to improve their material usage for both the extrusion and injection molding applications.

Orbetron has developed and improved our technology to offer both our standard single and twin screw feeders while incorporating our disc feeding technology for the feeding of low rate materials such as color, blowing agents, additives and other engineered materials.

All of these benefits go together with the Orbetron O2 controller which is integrated into the Krauss Maffei C6 controller.

For those Krauss Maffei customers that may have older C4 or C5 controllers, Orbetron offers upgrade packages for older Colortronic systems that use the C2 controller. Please give us a call or email us at for further information.

Orbetron displayed our low rate feeding equipment at the Krauss Maffei 2017 Open House


Orbetron is proud to announce our new larger location that will enable us to better serve our customers throughout the country. We now will have a larger lab, assembly, sales & service location in Rhode Island. This opportunity allows Orbetron to build and expand our product offering for low rate feeding equipment, and expand our single & twin screw feeding and material handling equipment.

Orbetron, LLC

45 Industrial Dr., Suite 208

Cumberland, RI 02864

Please note the new address and if there are any questions please feel free to call Roger Hultquist at 856.472.0268


Plastics Technology, in the month of July 2017 featured Orbetron's disc feeding capability of feeding low rates using our Micro Feeders for plastic materials.

Click on the title below to review the complete article.

Understanding Low-Rate Feeding for Continuous and Batch Processes


Today in the Tablets & Capsules Solid Dose Digest under More Questions and Answers " How do you microdose API's and excipients? " Orbetron talks about major points and considerations when feeding at very low rates that range between 200 grams/hr and 1 gram/hr.

For the full copy please see paper listed as T&C 


Orbetron presented a paper at Extrusion 2016 "New Frontiers in Low Rate Feeding for Continuous and Batch Processes"

5/18/16 - Orbetron promoted our complete line of feeding equipment, at the Krauss Maffei 50th open house. Shown on the table was our low rate feeders that is capable of feeding 1-500 grams/hour. 

Orbetron, also presented a paper "New Frontiers in Low Rate Feeding for Injection and Extrusion Processes" for the KM attendees. The presentation covered the technology, material issues in feeding low rates, and examples of feeding low rates into both injection and extrusion processes. 


12/31/15- Orbetron has installed one of our 50 Series and 100 Series Disc Feeders in the plastics lab of UMass-Lowell in Lowell, MA. They are using the feeders for feed different powder materials for a small twin screw extruder. Both units are portable and can be used for other applications and processes in their lab.

 Picture shown is the 100 Series Feeder


2) Pictures shown are the 50 Series Feeders  


9/8/15 - Orbetron is excited to announce we are now offering the complete Pallmann line of products. As an OEM partner with Pallmann, Orbetron has expanded its ability to offer size reduction equipment to enhance feeding of difficult materials in the industries we service. Pallmann offers a complete line of Size Reduction products, Pulverizers, Agglomeration, Shredders, and Granulators.

Please contact Orbetron to help you improve your process by using our wide array of feeding technologies with the ability to control your material consistency with the Pallmann product line.


820 Bloomfield Ave. Clifton, New Jersey 07012 USA

Phone: (973) 471-1450 - Fax: (973) 471-7152







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