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Introducing Orbetron, your trusted partner in precision bulk feeding solutions and advanced liquid mix systems. We specialize in developing state-of-the-art machinery that revolutionizes the way industries handle bulk materials and liquids. We are known for designing bulk feeding technologies, offering all kinds of solutions for industries dealing with powders, granules, and liquids. Whether you’re in plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or food processing, Orbetron’s solid meteringmachines are engineered to meet your specific needs.

Explore our range of products, ranging from disc feeders for precise handling of powders and granular materials to liquids handling equipment, featuring drum pumps and gear pumps. We collaborate with industry giants like Krauss-Maffei Corporation and Mahr Meter Mix Systems to integrate our bulk feeding systems with their technologies, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance.

Our team, led by industry experts like Co-Owner and President Roger Hultquist and Chief Technology Officer Hank Gray, provides customized bulk feeding and liquid mix systems for your manufacturing challenges. From solids metering equipment to extrusion technology, Orbetron’s machines are designed to handle materials in an ideal way, leading to reliable performance.

Looking for the ideal bulk feeding and liquid mix systems? Contact us to discover how our bulk-feeding solutions can elevate your production efficiency and quality.

Bulk Feeding

We offer the most advanced feeding systems, with feeding rates as low as 1g/hour. Orbetron designs, engineers, and manufactures precision quality systems to achieve maximum performance.

Liquid Feeding

In partnership with Mahr Metering, Orbetron offers a wide range of bulk material and liquid mix systems that employ cutting-edge technology and upholds the highest industry standards.

Industries We Serve

Orbetron develops, designs, and manufactures precision feeding technologies that processors utilize to improve their manufacturing process.

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Our customers benefit from Orbetron’s expertise, testing, and strong networks; providing optimal support that starts with the design and doesn’t end until their products are shipped and working.

~ Roger HultquistPresident & CEO



Orbetron is founded by Roger Hultquist and Hank Gray with the development of the 100 Series Disc Feeder.


Partner with Mahr Meter Mix Systems. Development of Bulk Material Disc Feeding & Screw Feeders for low-rate feeding, using Mahr's Liquid Feeding Pumps.


Distribution Partnership with Technovel Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan.