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OBLIW-SM Loss-in-Weight Batch Blender

Orbetron’s OBLIW-SM incorporates weighing technology with stepper motor controls for a high accuracy dosing capability, presented in grams, kilograms, or pounds. Multiple load cell capacities are available based upon batched weight. Orbetron utilizes 3-D printing technology for mounting capabilities onto your process. Orbetron’s LIW Batching System continuously calculates weight loss until the desired batch weight-per-ingredient is achieved. OBLIW-SM utilizes all disc feeding and mechanical design capabilities. Easy push-button controls for calibration and operation of the system.


  • Maximum 1-6 Feeders
  • Integrate/measurement from grams, pounds, or kilograms
  • Integrated with stepper motors for higher accuracy
  • Includes disc feeders (OD50, OD100, OD150, OD200) with the optional Ezi-Dock product line for 100% containment
  • Multiple stand configurations
  • Can be used with Powder, Pellet, or granulate Bulk Materials
  • Easy functional display
  • Quick and Easy material changeovers
  • Easy cleanout
  • Designed with multiple stepper motor capability
  • Communication protocol Modbus TCP / IP
  • 110V AC Input