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Orbetron’s OSB system is a continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing and blending system for almost any material:

  • Free-flowing plastic pellets and regrind
  • Powder additives and fillers
  • Pigments
  • Liquids
  • Bio-fiber material

Each OSB System can have 1-12 precision feeders per line. The OSB is designed to work with screw feeders, disc feeders, and liquid feeders. Our feeders can feed 50 grams/hour to a max of 16,000 PPH. These throughputs are achievable for most continuous process applications.

Basic Version

  • Max. eight dosing/feeder stations per blending unit: optional up to 12
  • Minimum throughput 0.25 kgs/hr (0.55 lbs/hr), lesser rates with disc feeder
  • Maximum throughput 7,500 kgs/hr (16,500 lbs/hr)
  • Maximum temperature 100°C (212°F)
  • Operating voltage 230 V ± 10%, AC, N, PE, 50/60 Hz
  • Cumulative dosing accuracy up to ± 0.1%
  • Variable speed DC drive motors
  • Standard dust-light construction
  • Parallelogram support load cells with a for dosing/feeding station
  • Single and Twin screw feeder dosing station with a built-in agitator
  • Processing of liquid components
  • Integrated refill system
  • Vacuum conveying units/system for feeder refill
  • Other material handeling systems for nonfree-flowing materials
  • Vibrating damping
  • High temperature (180°C/356°F) option available
  • S2 controls upto 12 feeders, 4 lines