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Single Screw Feeder NS70 Series

Orbetron feeders have been designed to grant a wide range of flexibility for different bulk solid materials and throughput ranges.

The single screw feeder NS70 is suitable for feeding granules, pellets, free-flowing regrinds, and flakes in continuous and batching processes.

Feeders can be controlled gravimetrically or volumetrically. The compact, modular design allows the operator the flexibility to meet changing process requirements. Feed rates range from (1-3180 l/h) (.03-112 cuft/h). The efficient design of the feed hopper yields a large screw intake length and ensures no dead zones in material flow. Quick material changes are ensured through the bottom cleanout and feeds crew quick removal from the rear.


  • Compact feeder and gearbox designHigh modularity for easy dismantling and cleaningHorizontal material outlet discharge
  • Tool-free change of the feeder screwApplicable for single spiral and auger screws
  • All metal parts which are in material contact are in mechanically polished aluminum, food-grade
  • 106W DC, 220 VDC, 3200 rpm motor with speed control in protection class IP 54
  • Operating and material temperature -20+60°C
  • Gearboxes in the sizes of 6:1,23:1, 36:1 The unit conforms to directives.
  • Weight without accessories 15 kg


  • Hopper extension modules in the sizes of 20l, 50l, 75l, 85l, 100l, 135l,185l, special hoppers are on request available
  • Removable vertical outlet tube with the size of 4”
  • Screw and outlet tube extensions up to the total screw length of 600 mm
  • All sealing which is in material contact in silicon freestyle continuous or batch processes


  • Volumetric continuous or batch
  • Gravimetric loss-in-weight continuous
  • Gravimetric loss-in-weight batch
  • Gravimetric gain-in-weight