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Orbetron’s AS25 Feeder

Orbetron’s AS25 feeder is specifically designed to feed free-flowing materials and some types of poor-flowing powders at low rates. The removable feed hopper makes it ideal for applications that require quick material changes. To make a material change, just remove the existing hopper and replace it with a new clean hopper. The removable feed hopper can also be used as a storage container, eliminating cleaning and the possibility of product contamination. The AS25 can be configured with or without material agitation. The AS25 feeder can be easily integrated with gravimetric or volumetric controls, as well as installed separately or in a production line with multiple feeding devices.


  • Compact feeder and gearbox design
  • High modularity for easy dismantling and cleaning
  • Horizontal material outlet discharge
  • Tool-free change of the feeder screw
  • Applicable for single spiral and auger screws
  • All metal parts which are in material contact are in
  • stainless steel 1.4404 (ASI316L)
  • Mechanical gearbox with lifetime lubrication
  • Motor configuration AC/DC, Stepper
  • Gearboxes in multiple configurations
  • Weight without accessories volumetric 6kg
  • Gravimetric 13kg
  • Exchange hopper 9kg


  • Gravimetric and volumetric controls
  • Hopper extension modules
  • Special hoppers are available by request
  • Removable vertical outlet tube with the size of 4”
  • Counter bearing for very poor flowing or heavy materials
  • Silicon sealing
  • Gravimetric loss-in-weight batch
  • Gravimetric gain-in-weight
  • Gravimetric low-in-weight continuous
  • Volumetric continuous or batch
  • Ezi-Dock adaptation for material containment
  • Integration with OSB Series
  • Vertical Discharge