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Material Hoppers

Orbetron Material hoppers, ensures the free flowing of material from a loader or central receiver. Materials range from pellets, powders, granulate, and flake. For non-flowing materials Orbetron can introduce agitation techniques to improve material flow. The Orbetron Material hoppers are dust tight and can be easily broken down with our quick clamp design. This allows for easy cleaning during material changes. The top plate employs a unique lid/hinge design that allows the operator to lift the lid without removing the loader or receiver. Additional mounting support may be necessary with larger and heavier loaders or receiver.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Material seals with quick release clamps
  • Manual slide valve on bottom of hopper
  • Easy cleaning
  • High temperature operation
  • Dust tight
  • Standard hopper sizes OMH1 (1cuft), OMH0.8 (0.8 cuft), OMH 0.2 (0.2cuft)


  • Automatic valve
  • Magnet inserts
  • View ports
  • Additional sizes upon request
  • Incorporate Orbetron disc feeders for material additives
  • Incorporate Orbetron OPL loaders and 3rd party loaders


  • Removable cones
  • Supports blender or loader
  • Fast, easy material changes
  • Optional grate magnet