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Orbetron Discharge and Agitation Equipment

Orbetron’s ODU ensures the immediate flow of material from the material storage hopper into a continuous or batching process. The ODU promotes the flow of regrind, wood flour, and other non-free flowing material without noise, vibration, or the creation of dust. Material is pre-conditioned exiting the ODU, enabling improved performance for refilling or mixing material. The compact design is achieved by employing a horizontal agitator in a hemispherical hopper. Orbetron can integrate slide valves, butterfly valves, and other refill solutions for proper material flow. Extension hopper can be incorporated on the top of the bowl to increase the volume over the agitation unit. The ODU is offered as a mixing bowl for low rate batching systems. This is designed with our ODB, and ODC blending systems.


  • Hemispherical hopper with horizontal agitator
  • SS material contact surfaces
  • Material seals Teflon and silicone
  • Multi-voltage 3 ph AC motor


  • Separate Mounted Controls
  • Compact design
  • Easy Cleaning
  • High temp operation
  • Easy integration with valves
  • Dust tight


  • Additional Hoppers
  • MDU 253 7.5 & 15 L hoppers
  • MDU 400 25 & 50 L hoppers
  • Technical Data
  • CDU 253 – Motor Size 0.18kw, 230Vac/3p/50-60hz, agitator speed 49 RPM, hopper volume 6.5L
  • CDU 400 – Motor Size 0.25kw, 230Vac3p/50-60hz, agitator speed 49 RPM, hopper volume 24L