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OSDS Feeder

The OSDS Feeder is designed to have 1-3 feeding stations that utilize the Orbetron 50, 100, 150, & 200 Series Disc Feeders. Our OSDS is designed to have individual feeding streams to dispense materials as close to the screw as possible while allowing the virgin material to flow freely into the screw.


  • The size allows for unique mounting in tight areas where standard feeders will not fit.
  • No other auger or vibratory feeder can match the disc feeder’s capabilities, in terms of size, feeding capability, and repeatability.
  • All of Orbetron’s Disc series feeders are designed to handle bulk materials ranging from powder to pellets.
  • Our standard design is aluminum with optional 304 or 316 SS for food or pharmaceutical applications.
  • For those materials that have poor flow-ability, we incorporate material flow aids such as agitation & mechanical release devices.


  • Standard disc sizes include 48, 24, & 12, holes per revolution. Special disc sizes are designed
  • based on your feeding needs. We utilize 3D printing technology to help design the proper disc based on your materials.
  • Disc feeders have quick exchange capability, by removing the tri-clamp the complete feeder section is removed, and then another feeder section can be set into place.
  • Orbetron has incorporated the EZI-Dock™ refill containment system into our 100 Series models. This may require additional support to apply to our feeder. Additional information is available upon request.


  • 110/220 Vac single phase 50/60 hz
  • Stepper Motor Drive
  • Volumetric/Gravimetric Capable (Batch/Continuous Operation)
  • Quick Exchange Housing
  • Dose Power to Pellet Materials
  • Multiple Mounting Capabilities
  • Separate Mounted Controls

Controls 050

  • Separate Mounted Controls
  • HMI Color Touchscreen
  • PLC Control with I/O for Stepper, DC, or AC Motors
  • Easy Calibration built into controls


  • Spare Station for Easy Changeover
  • Optional material aids for Special Materials
  • Extension Cable
  • Acrylic and SS Hopper are available
  • Small loader adaptation
  • The multi-component capability of up to 4 units (Additional units upon request)
  • Shown with EZI-Dock™ option