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Utilizing Orbetron’s Disc, Single-Screw, and Twin-Screw Feeders in a multi-component feeding layout, the OSB is designed to handle 1 to 12 feeders on a single stand using an S2 gravimetric feedercontrol system, with unlimited mounting possibilities.Whether you’re dealing with powders, granules, or other dry materials, Orbetron’s OSB is designed to ensure accuracy in every feed.

The Disc Feeder in our multi-component bulk feed system is ideal for handling delicate or non-free-flowing materials. Its gentle handling ensures that your materials are accurately measured and reach their destination intact. Additionally, the Single-Screw Feeder in our multi-component dry powder feederprovides consistent feeding performance with a wide range of materials. This gravimetric feederensures minimal waste and maximum productivity.

When your application demands even greater flexibility and control, the Twin-Screw Feeder in our bulk feed system can handle it. With dual screws, this feeder excels at handling difficult materials and achieving precise feed rates, making it a versatile choice for a variety of industries.Orbetron’s OSB Feeding System isn’t just about individual dry powder feeders; it’s about the system as a whole.

With unlimited mounting possibilities, our OSBgravimetric feeder system can be tailored to fit your unique setup, whether you’re working in a compact space or a sprawling facility. Get in touch with us for a consultation.



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