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In 2018, Orbetron formed a partnership with Mahr Metering Systems™ out of Charlotte, NC, and Gottingen Germany. This partnership allowed Orbetron to expand feeding capabilities for liquids utilizing Mahr’s Gear Pumps. By utilizing Mahr’s liquid feeding technology, Orbetron can offer customers greater bag and material handling system capabilities for managing bulk and liquid materials in their processes.

Mahr capitalizes on Orbetron’s bulk mixingtechnology and the ability to feed grams per hour with their Meter Mix Systems throughout the world.Orbetron’s liquid and material handling equipment has a range of solutions designed to streamline your processes. Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, or any other industry requiring precise liquid handling and bulk mixing equipment, Orbetron has you covered. Our bag and material handling systems are designed for efficiency and safety, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing waste.

With maximized capacities and advanced features, our bulk mixing equipment allows you to achieve the required blends of liquids with ease. Whether you are blending multiple ingredients or preparing solutions with specific concentrations, our bulk mixing equipment delivers consistent results every time.

When you choose Orbetron for your liquid handling equipment needs, you are not just getting cutting-edge technology; you are gaining a trusted partner.

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