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Explore our lines of Solids Handling Equipment

Orbetron is a trusted provider of top-quality solid handling equipment. Our range of solid handling solutions is engineered to optimize efficiency and safety in handling powders, granules, and bulk materials. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, or mineral industry, our solid handling equipment is adaptable to various material handling needs. We understand that each industry has unique requirements, and our equipment is designed with this in mind, ensuring seamless integration into your operations.

Orbetron’s solid handling equipment range includes conveyors, feeders, mixers, hoppers, silos, and bag dump stations. Each product is designed to streamline material handling processes, improving efficiency and productivity. Whether you need to transport materials, control flow, mix blends, or store bulk quantities, Orbetron has the solution for you. At Orbetron, we understand the demanding nature of industrial environments, and our solid handling equipment is built to withstand these challenges. Using high-quality materials and standardized construction methods, our solid handling equipment remain a valuable asset to your operations for years to come.

Our equipment also incorporates safety features that mitigate risks associated with handling solids, providing a secure environment for your employees and materials.If you’re ready to optimize your material handling processes with reliable, efficient, and safe solid handling equipment, contact Orbetron.

Material Hoppers



Bulk Bag Stations