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Explore our lines of Twin Screw Feeders

Twin Screw Feeders are designed to handle a broad range of feeding applications consisting of poor-flowing materials. Orbetron offers lab-based-sized screw feeders to larger feeders to feed greater rates of material. While handling powder materials, Twin Screw Feeders are designed for a range of industries including plastics, medical, pharma, nuclear, military, food, and more. With dual screw shafts, our twin screw feeders are exceptionally precise during material feeding. The synchronized rotation of the screws ensures a consistent flow, preventing uneven distribution and material waste. This level of accuracy is crucial for industries where precise ingredient ratios are essential for product quality.

From bulk solids to fine powders, Orbetron’s twin screw feedershandle a diverse range of materials with ease. Whether it’s feeding ingredients into a mixing process or controlling the flow of materials in a production line, these screw feeders excel in various applications. They are particularly effective in handling challenging materials such as sticky, abrasive, or fragile substances. At Orbetron, we also offer customizable twin screw feeder solutions to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need a specific capacity, size, or material compatibility, we can design a tailored solution that integrates into your operations.